Crystal Easter Angels

Don and I wanted to come up with a special for our customers, something “Eastery” that had to do with our angels since they continue to be a favorite gift item in our store.  So, how about a FREE Crystal Easter Angel?  It’s a $25.00 value, and I personally make every one.

Easter Email Insert














Don and I have been so inspired by the artists who show their work in our Glass Art & Beads store, here in Houston.  We represent around 14 Houston artists, and 7 family atists from around the United States. And then of course, there’s Don’s lampwork beads, and my mixed media endeavors.

3013 November Alcove Window 72 dpi (2)

Art is at the center of our store, but we have also been building a eclectic resale and gift selection.  I’m addicted to pieces that make me smile, or even laugh.  Sometimes it’s a ceramic pig with big beautiful eyes, and other times it’s a colored glass vase that sparkles in the afternoon sunlight. We extended our store into a cool alcove area where I get to display my love for colored glass in a huge sunny window.  And up front we have our new Easter display, showing off all our Spring gift and decor items.

2014 April - Store (4)






2014 April - Store (3)








As part of our Easter display we have jasper, enamel and clay decorative eggs, that we’ve been collecting over the last few years.  Our tray of stone beads also reminds our customers that we now have a really nice collection of stone, wood and copper beads farther back in our store, in our “Blue Room”.


2014 Store with new wall (3)



Yep, this is our Blue Room.











Artists are the heart of Glass Art & Beads.  Our jewelry artists include 4 Houston women who each have their own unique designs.  We can’t show them all here, but we can hightlight the newest creations.

Rikki Mitman - Enamel fired copper








Rikki Mitman’s newest earrings are fired-torched enamel on copper with sterling ear wires. I love the movement she brings to her designs.  These are also light in weight and have really nice movement.

Joanne Mann - Wire Bracelets

In days of old, warriors wore thick metal chest-protection versions of these marvelous chainmaille bracelets by Joanne Kendall.  She also has two new lines of earrings.  I have fallen in love with her ear cuffs and wear them nearly every day.  Yep, me who, “doesn’t do jewelry”.

Karen Stephens Necklaces


Karen Stephens loves all of the lampwork beads we sell in our store.  She enjoys using them as the focal bead in her necklaces.  The two necklaces on the display neck are made with Liz Bunn’s flower beads, rasberry quartz and crystal.




2014 April 1st (2)



We interrupt this wonderful display of art to show you what we saw in our backyard today.  Spring has sprung in Houston, Texas!








Tranquility (9)


Our Glass Art and Beads Easter contribution is a Swarovski crystal and copper wire hanging called “Tranquility”.  Don created the beautiful lampwork flower and drippy beads.






Angel - Lt Rose & Violet - 150 dpiNot to mention our lovely Swarovski crystal Easter Angels, which many of our customers see as a cross.  We love them either way.






2014 April - Pat Dobbs Message in a Bottle (3)


Your loved ones can receive a “Message in a Bottle”.  Pat Dobbs has a unique twist to this inspiring gift.




2014 April - Charlene 150 dpi



Although Charlene Seeman is best known for her paintings, she has always created the most beautiful jewelry.  Here she has expanded her jewelry line to include beaded bottles and vases. The large beaded “necklace” looks lovely on a good number of our vases.  I picked a pink case vase here to brighten up the store with Spring colors.  It was also on a topaz and black vase.  All lovely and unique.

2014 Store with new wall (28)


These are our trays of glass lampwork beads made by Don Hohensee and Liz Bunn.  Both of these great artists are always creating new beads, so it’s worth stopping by every now and then to see what they are up to now.


2014 April - Wanda Karcher Beads.jpg


Our newest lampwork bead artist, Wanda Karcher, brings very unique designs to our glass bead selection.

You really need to come and see Liz and Wanda’s Easter Egg beads.  I just found a cool nest at Hobby Lobby and will be displaying the glass eggs in their “natural habitat” this weekend.

2012 May - Store (36a)


Our International artist, Anna Adria, is from Russia.  She brings her painted glass fish and stunning bottles.  This weekend we will be adding her newest fish to our display.  You really need to see them in person.





We have so many more artists to show you, but we wanted to get this posted today.

Don and I wish you all our very best wishes this Easter and Passover.


Big Beautiful Butterflies!

These are Don’s newest lampwork glass butterflies.  The one below I call “Metamorphosis” – The butterfly as it emerges from it’s cocoon.  Both the cocoon and butterfly are a rich teal, with a contrasting green striped body.  I added a touch of silver because it felt right.  The butterfly itself is about 3″ x 3″, the overall piece is about 9″ high.

2014 Butterfly











This one we call “Morning Dew”.  The butterfly, three glass drips, and the purple diachroic mushroom are all made by Don, of course.

2014 Jan - Big Teal Butterflies (10) 72 dpi










I know a few of you were waiting for some new Spiders of Good Fortune.  I made ten new ones this week, and they are just adorable.

Last week I mentioned that we purchased a big chunk of beads.  Well, we bought some more.  This time the beads are mostly stone – jasper, jade, obsidian, tigers eye, agate, and some really nice mother of pearl beads too.  Oh, and some outstanding glass cane beads.

     We’ve taken the retail price on all the beads and slashed it 50%!

As you know Don and Liz Bunn have their wonderful lampwork beads here at the store all the time.  We don’t know if we’re going to carry these additional beads on a permanent basis, but it seemed like a great time to give all you jewelry artists a break – we gotta get those inspirational juices flowing in this new year!