Lampwork & Crystal Mobiles

A customer asked for three special hangings to give as gifts for Christmas.  She chose a few of Liz Bunn’s lovely focal lampwork beads for inspiration.  Well, I got really inspired and ended up making seven hangings.  They all range from 10″ to 12″ long and include either a Liz Bunn lampwork bead or Don Hohensee lampwork bead, or one of each.  The crystal beads and pendants are Swarovski crystal.  You’ll see that some are “On Hold” until my customer picks the ones that she wants.  If you are interested in any of the below mobiles, send me an email and I’ll get back to you with availability soon.  If there isn’t a “On Hold” note, you can purchase it right now.  Shipping is $6.50 in the U.S.  Each piece comes with an individualized colorful card.

Hangings - first four pictures 72 dpiLeft to right above:
Autumn Light – Liz’s large transparent topaz focal bead takes center stage, while Don’s hollow “lantern” bead at the top captures the late autumn night beautifully. Besides the olive, yellow and russet Swarovski crystal beads there is a 26 mm topaz leaf and the large 40 mm topaz sun disk at the bottom. Copper wire and beads create a really elegant foundation to display all these wonderful beads.  -  $90.00 (on hold)

Night Light – Brilliant topaz crystal against a sky of royal purple.  Liz’s focal bead has both the topaz and purple that reveal themselves when the sun shines through. Swarovski crystal in topaz and purple, three 20 mm drops (they’re actually called Duck Heads :) ), and a lovely 38 mm topaz tear drop at the bottom will all create a stunning rainbow display. -  $90.00 (on Hold)

Sunrise – Think peach.  Liz’s focal bead is like a soft peachy sunrise when light shines through this lovely color.  She also made the two topaz beads above and below the center piece.  The fanciful peach swirl beads were made by lampwork bead artist, Wanda Kercher. Swarovski crystal topaz and peach beads and a 40 mm topaz sun disk complement the copper beads and wire. – $100.00

Summer Nights – Liz’s focal bead has both green and amber shining from within this beautiful transparent centerpiece. Olive and topaz Swarovski crystal beads, a 26 mm leaf and 38 mm teardrop create a summer night vision. – $100.00 (on Hold)

Hangings - second three pictures only 72 dpiAurora Borealis (AB) – The gorgeous sparkly aqua focal bead was made by Liz Bunn using a special glass called diachroic. To complement this outstanding centerpiece, there are two 20 mm AB drops, a 26 mm AB leaf and a magnificent 40 mm AB sun disk, all of which are surrounded by Swarovski crystal beads. – $110.00

Mid Summer Nights – This amber/topaz focal bead made by Liz Bunn is just beautiful.  I couldn’t resist adding a 30 mm Swarovski crystal topaz moon, and a 20 mm deep red duck head, a 40 mm topaz sun disk, along with 18 red and topaz beads. Copper beads and a small dragonfly add a warm glow to this mobile.  This was the first piece I made in this series of seven.  All the others ended up longer so I went back and added a few more lovely inches up top (the “few inches” not pictured). – $100.00 (on Hold)

Sunset Butterfly – This is one of Don’s gorgeous butterflies.  In purple! I was supposed to be using it for something else but this mobile called to me.  Swarovski crystal in deep red and royal purple accent the 40 mm topaz sun disk, and lovely deep red 26 mm leaf.  Copper beads and wire abound! – $100.00