It’s a Staghorn Christmas in Houston

Don and I put up our “Christmas Tree” this week. Every year we choose one of the Staghorn Ferns we grow in our backyard, and mount it above our fireplace mantle. A little twinkle light here, a pretty bulb there, and voila! The second picture was taken by mistake. The flash was off and we happened to have the TV on The Universe series. Same picture, different take. Yes, our TV is in front of the fireplace. Who needs a fireplace in Houston?

2015 Christmas Mantle (8) 72 dpi







2015 Christmas Mantle Night (2) 72 dpi

Jewelry Collaboration

We’ve been carrying Joanne Kendall’s beautiful wire jewelry for over four years.  Her wire-wrapped pendants are truly beautiful and one of our finest sellers.  Recently an artist, Gigi Killough, saw Joanne’s pendants and was inspired to add a touch of her own creativity.  To complement Joanne’s pendant Gigi made the most beautiful beaded necklace, earrings and bracelet.  There are two of these creations in our store right now.  Here’s one of them:Artist - Gigi & Joanne 72 dpi.jpgGigi also has her own store here in our mini-mall, where she carries many more of her jewelry creations.  And her pottery is stunning, but you’ll have to visit here to see those lovely pieces.  Here are some of her other jewelry pieces:

Jewelry by Gigi Killough (2) 72 dpiIt’s worth a visit for sure.