Glass Yard Art for Spring!

I should be creating new Spiders of Good Fortune for Don to take to upcoming local art shows.  The problem is that it’s Spring and I had another inspiration calling that I couldn’t resist.  It happens every year when the weather turns warmer and I’m thinking about yard art and decorations.
Aqua & Teal:  I love the hour-glass effect of this piece.  Besides the thickest piece of chandelier glass I have, there are other pieces of chandelier glass (see that large clear octagon on the upper left), along with aqua and teal glass beads.  I even found a teal bead that was permanently stuck on a mandrel to make the perfect hanger.








Blue Tip:  The upper part of the slag glass is clearer than it appears here (not so much blue in it).  The lower tip of the slag is a brilliant blue, which reflects into the top half when light hits it.  The color is imbedded in the glass.  It’s not a separate piece.  And it’s really spectacular.  The huge chandelier glass pendant is accompanied by another long piece, the icicle.  The Don bead hook, which you can’t see in this picture, has a cobalt blue bead.






Peach and Topaz:  There are three topaz Don beads above the peachy slag glass.  The huge chandelier glass pendant has a very slightly smoky hue to it that goes perfectly with the topaz and peach beads.







Red Fish:  Red slag glass is rare.  This piece of red has a mostly opaque center with brilliant red transparent edges all the way around.  It is spectacular when the sun hits it.  I used the large smokey chandelier glass on this one.  The stars of the show are two diachroic fish that Don made.  One of them no longer has a bead hole and the other has a minor fin flaw.  Still, they are great looking fish and I wired them to hang around the red glass.  I decorated the rest with red, amethyst and clear glass beads.




Blue Trade Beads:  The slag glass is a beautiful aqua blue and I decorated the whole piece with sapphire and aqua blue beads.  The large chandelier glass pendant is thick and clear.  And see how perfect the sapphire blue bead hanger goes with the rest of this “water” hanging.





Red Inside Clear:  You have to see this piece of slag glass to really appreciate how distinctive it is.  It’s a big clear piece with red and green and other dark colors inside.  Predominately red, I didn’t even know about the green until I was trying to take a picture of it with the sun coming through.  It was just impossible to shoot so I settled for using the flash on my camera.  It gives you a better feel for how it looks in the sun.  I used the smokey chandelier glass to complement some of the darker colors in the slag.  And you can see that nice long icicle chandelier glass.  The bead hanger is one of my favorites and it also has red with other dark colors running through it.