Big Beautiful Butterflies!

These are Don’s newest lampwork glass butterflies.  The one below I call “Metamorphosis” – The butterfly as it emerges from it’s cocoon.  Both the cocoon and butterfly are a rich teal, with a contrasting green striped body.  I added a touch of silver because it felt right.  The butterfly itself is about 3″ x 3″, the overall piece is about 9″ high.

2014 Butterfly











This one we call “Morning Dew”.  The butterfly, three glass drips, and the purple diachroic mushroom are all made by Don, of course.

2014 Jan - Big Teal Butterflies (10) 72 dpi










I know a few of you were waiting for some new Spiders of Good Fortune.  I made ten new ones this week, and they are just adorable.

Last week I mentioned that we purchased a big chunk of beads.  Well, we bought some more.  This time the beads are mostly stone – jasper, jade, obsidian, tigers eye, agate, and some really nice mother of pearl beads too.  Oh, and some outstanding glass cane beads.

     We’ve taken the retail price on all the beads and slashed it 50%!

As you know Don and Liz Bunn have their wonderful lampwork beads here at the store all the time.  We don’t know if we’re going to carry these additional beads on a permanent basis, but it seemed like a great time to give all you jewelry artists a break – we gotta get those inspirational juices flowing in this new year!

Year of the Snake Lampwork Beads

Don heard we were in the Chinese Year of the Snake.  It inspired him to make three wonderful snake beads and lots of other “snakey” type beads.  The round beads are $9.00 each.  The large beads are $17.00.  The snake beads are $25.00.  Enjoy!

Lampwork Safari Beads

Don’s tiger beads are one of our most popular beads.  Along with the tiger beads, there are two impalla beads and other African influenced beads.  The round beads are $9.00 each.  The larger beads are $17.00 each.