5th Annual Hot August Art Walk

Not only are we celebrating our 5th Annual Hot August Art Walk on
Saturday & Sunday, August 9-10, 2014 . . .

2014 August Art Walk - group picture 72 dpi


. . . where you can enjoy complimentary food and drinks, along with the
chance to talk with visiting artists.  Our guests can expect to see
wonderful sculptures, paintings, stained glass, clay flower creations,
lampwork beads, handmade jewelry and fine crafts.  There will also be New
Age art and readings, and way way more!  Also shop our entire mini-mall
full of contemporary and vintage art, collectibles and gifts.  There is
something for everyone!


But there’s more!
Jim Clark has the largest store in our mini-mall, and he specializes in
antique art (particularly oriental), along with other vintage art and
collectibles.  He has recently made a large purchase and is filling his
store as we speak.  He will open for this special event on Friday &
Saturday, August 8th & 9th.  Don and I also love oriental art and pottery.
I love to take old jade trees and bring them back to life.  The pink jade
tree here is very old and the petals were nearly black when I got it.
Besides cleaning it, I added a pretty scene below the tree using pink slag
glass, petals and leaves that fell from the tree, and a little pagoda.  I
can’t leave anything alone.

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A Call for Artists!  We are still looking for artists who would like to rent space to our event.  If you are interested you can contact me at pam.pickering@comcast.net, or call 713-984-9841.

Art Walk this Weekend!

Recently I was leafing through one of the current do-it-yourself magazines and was intrigued with an article about turning old books into wall art.  I have always loved childhood stories and have used them as inspiration for many of my mobiles and other creations.  I even have a small stack of children’s books that I’ve collected over the years merely because they are beautiful to look at.  Below are two books, Pollyanna and Alice in Wonderland, that I transformed into wall art.  About 95% of the materials used in these two hangings are found objects.  I did add a little crystal, along with Don and Liz lampwork beads.  You can see the originals, and the article that inspired me at our 4th Annual Hot August Art Walk this weekend!  And if you like, I’ll give you a demonstration on how it’s done.

Come in out of the heat this weekend and meet all the wonderful artists lining our mall with their original handmade art.  Even our stores are decked out with the best of the best.  Showplace Gallery boasts stunning brass sculptures and also beautiful oils by the owner, Jean.  We have in-house stained glass makers, a potter, and a clay artist that creates the most gorgeous orchids!  Chris, at Crickets & Caterpillars, specializes in creating miniatures.  This weekend she will be showing off her new Steam Punk miniatures - and I will be seeing, for the first time, how she has transformed my     brother’s watch into a time machine.  I can’t wait!

If jewelry is your fascination, we have original designs by at least ten Houston jewelry artists, along with two vintage jewelry stores, one opening just this weekend!  And yes, Don will be demonstrating how to make hot-glass lampwork beads, and Liz will have classes on creating your own jewelry.  I’m bringing along spare beads so everyone can participate.  And if you like barbeque with scintillating drinks, well that’s just another reason to visit.

4th Annual Hot August Art Walk

 Saturday & Sunday, August 10 & 11, 2013, 10 am to 5 pm (Mall doors close at 6 pm)
The Market Place, 10910 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77042
Next door to the Room Store on I-10 at Beltway 8 on the west side of Houston.
Sponsored by Glass Art & Beads

It’s so exciting!  Visiting artists for our 4th Annual Hot August Art Walk have eagerly responded to our call and we now have a full house!  Our hallways will be lined with beautiful original art by artists coming from as far as Louisiana.  We’ll have some     fabulous demonstrations and jewelry design classes!  And there will be food and drink and music and frivolity all over the place!

On Saturday, August 10th, Liz will be teaching classes on how to make beautiful pieces like this.

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a necklace?  Here’s one by visiting lampwork bead artist and jewelry designer, Liz Bunn.  Yep, she makes her own glass lampwork focal beads too.  Her designer jewelry line can be seen in our store now.

If you would like to attend one of her classes you only need to purchase one of her focal beads at our Glass Art & Beads store, and bring either small beads or an old necklace you can re-purpose.  That’s your only expense.  Liz will supply the wire, crimps,     findings, tools and time you need to get started making your own jewelry.  The classes will be held on Saturday, August 10th at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 pm.  The art walk starts at 10:00 am on Saturday, so you have plenty of time to pick out your favorite focal bead.

Speaking focal beads . . . El Don, Fire Master, will be doing free demonstrations on how to make glass lampwork beads all weekend.  First he starts with a blazing torch . . . well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself!  Visit Glass Art and Beads for times on both Saturday and Sunday.

And a Happy Birthday to us!
Yep, this month Don and I have been starving artists for a full decade!  And this month we will also celebrate four years at The Market Place!  It was such a big gamble for us to leave the corporate world and try to make it on our own. I still remember when my sister-in-law, Marion, encouraged me to take that leap over 10 years ago.  It honestly gave me the courage to have a go at it.  I think Don was in a state of shock for a little while, with me leaving good money for the starving artist venue.  But less than a year into our adventure Don was shown how to make lampwork beads by Houston Bead Artist, Rikki Mittman.  She lent him her beginners tools and glass and it didn’t take long for Don to find his own grove.  Today his lampwork beads are highly praised by collectors and jewelry designers.  Of course I love to make original gifts using his beds, like our popular plant sticks.

Next week we’ll have even more information about other great happenings our art walk.  Did I mention Don will be making some very special delicious dishes along with other food and drink for all?!