“Sweet Beauties” Series by Jinda

We introduced Jinda Photong last week through facebook and emails.  The response has been so great that we compelled to show you more pieces she has created recently.  So each of her flower arrangements are shown along with the name and price below the picture.  We have no idea how much they would cost to package and ship so that would be additional, of course. A few of them are pretty hefty. Or you could come to our Houston store and pick them up.

Our newest artist, Jinda Photong, lives in Thailand.  We met her recently when she came to visit her sister here in Houston, Texas.  The flowers are handmade by Jinda using nylon and wire.  She then uses clay to create the surroundings adornments.  Each bowl was chosen by Jinda to complement her flowers.

Jinda Ann & Pam 1 72 dpi

Me, Jinda and Ann.  Ann Spencer owns “The Clay Flower Lady” store two doors down from our Glass Art and Beads store.

Three Royal Beauties 72 dpi

“Three Royal Beauties” – $45.00, Sorry I didn’t get a full picture here.  The vase is a long clear, very pretty vase.  The flowers are nylon, the budding flower stem is clay.

The Golden Bowl (2) 72 dpi

“The Golden Bowl” – $60.00, Perfect green and orange flowers emerge from an exquisite golden glass bowl.  One of my personal favorites, and quite hefty so it won’t knock over.

Sunshine Duet (1) 72 dpi

“Sunshine Duet” – $30.00, Orange budding flowers in a teal ceramic bowl.

Pink Rose Duet (1) 72 dpi

“Perfectly Pink” – $45.00, Three lovely flowers in a small dark green bud vase.

It's Lovely Being Green 72 dpi

“It’s Lovely Being Green” – $30.00, A large single flower in a great cobalt vase.

Yellow Rose of Texas 72 dpi

“Yellow Rose of Texas” – $35.00, A Texas favorite!

A Single Pink Rose 72 dpi

“A Single Pink Rose” – $35.00, As sweet as they come, emerging from a pretty green ceramic pitcher.

Summer Days 72 dpi

“A Sun Shiny Day” – $55.00, Stunning “fire” roses in a great yellow ceramic vase.

Tree of Good Fortune (2) 72 dpi

“Tree of Good Fortune” – $135.00, Three is another picture below to give you an idea of it’s size. Jinda found three ceramic cranes and created this beautiful tree to give them a home.  In Japan, China and Korea the crane is a symbol of good fortune, longevity and eternal youth.  the crane is purported to be the oldest bird on earth, living at least since 60 million years ago.

Tree of Good Fortune (1) 72 dpi

Tree of Roses (1) 72 dpi

“Tree of Roses” – $135.00, Clay flamingos take a break in the shade of this pink rose tree.