Hot August Art Sale!

We’ve been here at The Market Place for 5 years now.  That makes Glass Art and Beads 12 years old!  We feel very fortunate to be able to pursue our art endeavors this long, and we hope to be doing this for another 12 years.

In celebration of our 5th Anniversary we are having our very first

Hot August Sale at Glass Art and Beads
Inside where it’s Cool!
All of August, 2015
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5:30 pm.
at The Market Place, 10910 Katy Fwy., Houston, TX 77043
Not only do we have our own art, but we have over 15 other family and Houston artists represented in our store. It is a wonderland of great and affordable original gifts and art.

I’ve been busily making more Angels and Bead Totems and Hangings of all kinds.  This week I was into making big bunches of our Spiders of Good Fortune.  And here’s what a big bunch of spiders look like!

22 Spiders 72 dpi

Add all these to the 15 we already have down at the store, and you have a big big bunch. So, if you are thinking about our Spiders of Good Fortune as Christmas gifts, now would be a great time.  You can read the wonderful story “Legend of the Christmas Spider” on our website. We include this story (and another), along with a suction cup, and of course “The Care and Feeding of Your Spider”. All in a pretty purple box. Here they are all nestled together for the trip down to our store this weekend.

Last minute News!  I just completed four new hangings featuring Swarovski crystal.  No pictures yet . . . haven’t even priced them.  But they will be at the store starting tomorrow.

Ann at the Clay Flower Lady store a few doors down from mine, has been nice enough to join us in our sale.  She, and her sister Jenda, make the most beautiful flowers that will last forever.  So her’s and Jinda’s flowers will be 15% OFF.  All her great resale items will be 20% OFF.  Iggy’s Collectibles & Things will be 20% OFF, and Gigi’s Pottery Designs – 10% OFF.  They are all so unique, with their own special treasures for sale.

We hope to see you during August.  Join us in our Hot August Art Sale, inside, where it’s cool!

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