Happy Birthday Glass Art and Beads!

Yep, Glass Art and Beads is 13 years old in August!  Six of those years we have been here at The Marketplace mini-mall.  And we’ve morphed over the years.  We started as a little art store that featured artwork by a few Houston artists including my husband and me.  Now we are twice our original size and feature over a dozen artists and hundreds of original resale art, decor, and curiosities.

This August we are proud to display Rikki Mitman’s newest creations, Hobo Codes. She recreated the painted symbols used by Hobo’s since the 1930′s to give other hobo’s heads-up about towns along the railroad, their main mode of transportation. Rikki’s medium is enamel on copper mounted on reclaimed, wire-brushed redwood.  Pictured here are the first eight we had in the store.  We sold most of these last two weekends. Rikki has since made another nine, which are in the store right now.

2016 June - Hobo Codes

The top red Hobo Code reads “Get out of town!”. From left to right on the bottom: “Campground”, “Jobs Available” and “Doctor”.

Besides August being our birthday, it’s also our mini-mall’s Hot August event.  This year it’s going to be a sidewalk sale.  We have recently added quite a few new stores  to our mall.  Our Hot August Sidewalk Sale will be the perfect time to show off the many diverse stores we have at The Marketplace. Besides the dozen or so artists featured in our Glass Art and Beads store, the mall has two wonderful potters, a stained glass maker, lovely handmade and vintage jewelry, painters and so much more. That’s on top of all the antiques and collectibles. Did I mention free food and drink? Yep.

2016 - Hot August Flyer


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