Showing off a bit

Today I’ve been busy getting information out about our Glass Art and Beads 13th birthday this month. I came across some pictures I took at our store recently. Besides the dozen or so artists we feature in our store we also have hundreds of art resale, glass, pottery and interesting items from around the world. These pictures give you a glance at some of the wonderful pieces I’ve gathered in one place.

2016 June - New Mexico2016 June - Jeff tiles2016 June - Asian Men2016 June - Tall AfricanOur store is a rather wandering type of place.  Our main store is up front on the main drag of our mini-mall.  Down an alleyway we also have a large glass alcove where we display all our colored glass for sale. In the afternoons, when the sun is setting, the room is charged with bright colorful light.  I hang some Swarovski crystal here and there to create those great rainbows.

2016 March - Store (1)And then there is a small store we call our “Blue Room” with it’s large collection blue and white Asian, English and European items.

2015 June - Store Blue Room (4) 72 dpi We have a pottery “corner” and “Miniatures Wall” where we display over a hundred very tiny things.  Up front, right outside our door, I have one of my favorite displays of Mexican and South American pieces. It just goes on and on. We hope you’ll stop by our store on your way through Houston.  We’re open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.  Check our “Store in Houston” for more information.

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