Lampwork Bead Totems

Liz Bunn makes the most stunning beads.  She has had her beads in our Houston store for a few years now and we’ve collaborated on a few art creations.  In the last year Liz has created some really extraordinary beads like her sewing machine bobbin beads, and now her big big (really big) beads.  These big beads fired my imagination.  So, I whipped out my paints and made some fanciful bases, adding odornments and small Liz beads here and there.  The Bead Totems were built to display Liz beads, with silver beads to separate and display each bead at it’s best.  Besides the big big bead, most of the totems have one or two of her bobbin beads, along with numerous beads of all shapes and sizes.  I made three prototypes to show Liz.  She liked them too, so I spent this whole week creating 14 more!  Liz and I hope you enjoy them too.  They range from 7″ to 8″ tall and are $85.00 each.

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