Special Orders

Do you have a favorite theme?

Do you have a favorite Swarovski pendant you would like used as a centerpiece of a SunChime?

What are your favorite color combinations that you would like to see in crystal?

Do you have a particular window you would like to have a SunChime made for?

Commissioned pieces are welcomed. Pam has taken heirloom crystals and beads from clients and have made them into SunChimes unique to their households…maybe you have a jewelry set from your Great Aunt Edna that you wouldn’t ever wear and never, ever consider parting with. Those peices, along with other cool items can be transformed into a beautiful piece of WindowArt.

Perhaps you have a window at the top of the stairs that gets great sunlight and just calls to be filled with WindowArt that will fill your house with rainbows!

These requests are welcomed, as well as enjoyed. And with every commission, there is no obligation to purchase the piece (of course any personal items would be returned) unless you are fully satisifed.

Below are some commissions we have recently completed: